How Much does It Cost To Build A Dog Park?

As the American household continues to adopt dogs at an amazing rate, the need for public and private dog parks grows. Neighborhoods, towns, and apartment complexes are building dog parks to improve their local amenities and encourage community growth. That said, dog parks can be relatively inexpensive to wildly luxurious. Continue reading to learn how much it costs to build a dog park!

Things to keep in mind to understand the overall cost to build a dog park


  • Costs for grass and to maintain the dog park
  • Fences
  • Garbage removal
  • Drinking water
  • Lighting
  • Benches
  • Shade structures
  • Pooper-scooper station and waste bags


Initially, when building a dog park, the first thing you should consider is the location. If you are an apartment building or complex, dog parks can fit anywhere within the land you’re building on. If you’re a neighborhood association or local government parks employee, finding the location might be a little tougher.


In public dog parks, the location should be an easily accessible place. Pedestrians should be able to walk to it or it would have a good sized parking lot for cars. The average dog park is located on 1 acre of land surrounded by a 5ft chain link fence. We have seen dog parks be built within city parks which are already owned by the city. We also have seen people donate tracts of land for the sole purpose for it to be used as a public dog park. As you start to spread the word of the potential dog park, you might be surprised by where it might be developed.


Basic necessities to construct a dog park would be a 5ft fence and a double-gated enclosure to be able to introduce dogs into the environment well. The next thing after that would be a dog and human water fountains along with dog waste stations. After that, you can start getting extravagant with dog wash stations and custom designed benches and leash poles. Some high-end dog parks even have poured in place rubber surfacing in certain spots. You can also consider developing a partition that will separate the enclosed dog park into two sections, one for large dogs and another for small dogs. That being said, a very simple dog park on donated land could cost as little as $15,000 where a luxurious dog park could cost up to $750,000.

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How To Build A Dog Park - Getting funding from the Government

To apply for funding from your local government, you need to create a proposal and present it to the government. Your proposal should include your mission statement and rules and regulations for the dog park. These regulations should include details like the location of the dog park, how and who will maintain it, who is responsible for enforcing the rules, and a detailed list of health and safety rules for the park. To get approval for your dog park, you also might need to demonstrate support for the local dog park before planning can start.


How to demonstrate local support for your dog park

To help convince city officials to approve spending for your dog park, you need to convince them that your local community supports the plan to develop the dog park. If you’ve created a Facebook group to generate support, you can utilize that platform to circulate a petition. If not, you can place petitions at local pet stores and grocery stores to generate signatures. After you’ve generated a significant amount of signatures, this is normally good enough to convince local officials to move forward and fund your dog park.


Meeting with city officials

When you’ve developed your proposal and demonstrated local support, you’re now ready to meet with local officials. Have two or three committee members present your plan, carefully expressing its many benefits to the community and showing how interested the local community is in having a dog park. Be prepared to address concerns from the officials like the risk of dog fights, dog bites, noise level, parking and traffic needs, liability issues and maintenance. It is smart to think through all potential questions beforehand and develop a plan to address them in the meeting.


Be patient when working with the government

After you’ve presented your idea, the government is rarely quick to respond. You will need to email them and encourage them to continue moving on your proposal, but after a few months of editing and improving your plan to meet city standards, you should be approved!


Benefits of a dog park

After you’ve built a dog park, your local community will start to see the long term benefits of a dog park. There will be less aggressive dogs in your community because they have a space to be socialized. Members in your community will have a public space to meet and mingle and develop trust. Developing a central place for a dog and their owners to play and exercise helps improve the inherent value of the community, increasing overall happiness for your neighbors.


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