Our proprietary thermoplastic coating specially formulated for slip resistance and comfort for your dogs paws.

Why CanineCoat™?

The comfort and safety of your dog is important to us, which is why we developed our exclusive CanineCoat™ thermoplastic coating. This coating provides slip resistance and heat protection on all of our steel surfaces that come in contact with your dogs paws.

Slip Resistant

Reduces the slipping and sliding that may occur when dogs are traveling at top speeds.

Durable, Resistant to Vandalism

Durable enough for even the toughest canines

All-weather, UV Protection

Dog paws are sensitive, our coating provides reduced heat and does not fade.

Urine Resistant

Sometimes dogs "mark their territory", our coating ensures it isn't permanent.

Color Options

BarkPark's CanineCoat, as well as other products in the line are available in two standard color options.

Playful (blue) or Natural (green)