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Why BarkPark?

Our products are researched, tested & designed with our #1 customer in mind - your dog!

Why BarkPark?

Our agility products and courses are based on popular agility obstacles and have been developed for use by dogs of all abilities and confidence levels. Most of all, BarkPark builds attractive and fun places for pets and their families to exercise, socialize, and enjoy nature!

Healthy Behavior

BarkPark promotes healthy behaviors in both you and your pup, including physical activity, socialization, and confidence.

Made in the USA

Our products our proudly designed and manufactured in our UltraSite manufacturing facility located in Red Bud, IL.


BarkPark's exclusive CanineCoating provides slip resistance and heat protection on all of our steel walking surfaces.

Pre-configured Courses

Our dog park experts have done the leg work, choose one of our expertly curated courses, or create your very own!


Our products are durable enough for even the toughest of canines and require very little maintenance.

Coordinating Amenities

We offer a selection of complimentary site amenities that will coordinate with your dog park.

Educational Programming

PlayCore's Unleashed Guidebook takes a deep dive into dog park planning by providing the necessary steps and considerations.


We understand the value of partnerships and are proud to have partnered with top experts in the industry.

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